The ultimate goal of the Google Ads program is the success of advertisers. We believe that the first step on your way to success is to have a perfect experience with the users. Our advertising policies will help you to achieve this goal and make your Ads advertising more effective. The ad  requirements vary depending on the type of ad you create. If an ad  is not suitiable for our Ads policy,we stop running your ad and you will see that the ad in your account has not been  published. Once you have made the appropriate adjustments, it is enough to save the changes; Your ad will be automatically resubmitted to us for review. You can run all of your ads on the Google Network only after reviewing them based on content and advertising policies. It is important that you carefully review all of the advertising policies below to make sure that your ads, keywords, website, and account comply with this policy. Repeated violations of these policies may result in a permanent suspension of your Ads account and all associated accounts.

Advertising guidelines

  • Grammar and text layout

  • Fraudulent use of text to attract attention

  • Language rules in competition

Advertising formats technical guidelines

  • Copy ads

  • Visual Ads

  • Mobile Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Video Ads 2

Site Guidelines

Content guidelines

  • Online advertising content guidelines

Account guidelines

  • Suspension of accounts
  • Serving ads




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