We are continuing our activities in Folkart Office with our rapidly growing team, which we started in Izmir Technology Development Zone in 2007. Our priority goal is to ensure the continuity of our comfortable and peaceful working environment. We believe that, providing a peaceful work environment enhances the productivity. For this reason, working in a group skills and the communication skills of our new colleagues who will join our team are very important. To take part in our Folkart Office:

Sosyal Medya Uzmanı


  • Analyzing optimizing digital marketing campaigns as a part of Technical team.
  • Experience understanding of the Google Ads search display ads, Facebook ads new ad technologies.
  • Experience understanding conversion rate strategies optimization.
  • Experience with the advanced ad management tools.
  • Continually monitor optimize ad site contents.
  • Be close to latest ad technologies online marketing trends.
  • Working with the SEO Web Design team.
  • Managing client relations communications about their ad campaigns.
Sosyal Medya Uzmanı


  • Sales marketing of digital advertising services of AdresGezgini.
  • Analyzing of the statistics, developing advertising strategies, creating performance ideas for the existent customers
  • Conducting surveys evaluating the advertising performance related to customer satisfaction
  • Providing support via e-mail phone to the existent potential customers
  • Detecting target customers developing marketing strategies for them.
Web Developer


  • Having good web programming and database management knowledge,
  • Preferably having at least 3 years work experience,
  • Who have worked on API’s and web services,
  • Preferably a bachelor's degree from a relevant section of the universities,
  • Open to development,


We're looking for a teammate. Candidates can pass on CVs, which show their competence in detail, through the form on the side. Accepted formats: pdf, doc, docx and txt.

Job Description:

AdresGezgini is one of the leading search engine advertising agencies in Turkey. founded in 2007 in Izmir Institute of Technology, Development Zone. AdresGezgini’s mission is to provide a quality and customer-focused service to help advertisers succeed in their search engine ad and grow their business. The main task of the team member we are looking for is to ensure the sustainability and development of our web-based CRM software with Google Ads API integration that we have developed in our own company.

Tele Satış


  • Spend 3-4 hours a day on the phone and do customer analysis in the remaining part
  • Focus on sales target
  • Can easily communicate with corporate companies over the phone
  • Will be able to use office programs such as Outlook and Internet effectively
  • Human relationships are strong and  smooth spoken
Php Developer


  • Expert in PHP and MySQL,
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript,
  • Having an idea about SEO,
  • Preferably graduated from relevant departments of the universities
  • For male candidates preferably completed his military service,

We are looking for a development open working colleague. 

Graphic Designer


  • Create strong and original ideas, produce and implement ideas quickly
  • Knowledge of graphics design and photo processing applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Gimp etc.
  • Disciplined, focused on delivering the job properly and on time
  • Having business ethics in terms of confidentiality and responsibility
  • Team-oriented, responsive, dynamic and goal-oriented,
  • Lives in Izmir            
  • Will work full-time in the office environment


  • Experienced in simple video editing and editing, or open to learning,
  • Well-resolved fiction, strong creative mind


  • Experienced in general accounting,
  • Master of stable account plan
  • Netsis and MS Office programs can be used at a good level,
  • Strong at filing, planning and organizing direction
  • will bill the payments
  • Will be able to follow current accounts and banks regularly