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Instagram has become one of the biggest mobile platforms with over 300 million users. Companies share their news at this creative, high-quality platform with an interactive community.

As AdresGezgini, we provided Facebook Advertising Google Ads service to more than ten thousand businesses since 2007. From now on, Instagram Ads are in the range of our products.

Logic of Instagram advertising is quite similar to Facebook Advertising, it will help advertisers with conversions, brand recognition marketing. Advertisers can reach their prospects easily by using targeting options based on interests.


Ads that can be used by any firm:

  • Landscape photos videos,
  • Videos that can be 30 seconds long,
  • Marquee; for reaching a large audience in a short period,
  • Cross campaigns with Facebook.

With these types of ads,

  • You can attract users to your web site,
  • Make users download your app,
  • You can get many video views,
  • You can gain brand recognition
Instagram Reklamları - Adres Gezgini