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LinkedIn is a “business-oriented” social network which has over 259 million members in about 200 countries. In 2013, the fastest growing country for LinkedIn membership was Turkey. LinkedIn released the Turkish version started advertising.

As AdresGezgini, we provide Facebook Advertising Google Ads service to more than ten thousand businesses. From now on, LinkedIn Ads are in the range of our products. That is very similar to Facebook ads and that operates on cost pay per click system. LinkedIn ads  is much more expensive than Google and Facebook because of the precious audience that LinkedIn has.


Your ads will appear on the homepage, profile, groups, inbox, search results page of Linkedin.

Who will see my ads?

Your ads will be shown to LinkedIn members which fit into your target audience. Setting the target of an advertisement means narrowing down the range of the people who is suitable for your products. Targeting options include: Job title, Industry, Country, Age, Gender, Seniority.

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Linkedin Reklamları - Adres Gezgini