You can visit us at our Istanbul and Izmir Offices
AdresGezini AR-GE Merkezi


AdresGezgini R&D Center, located at new business center of İzmir Bayraklı Folkart Towers, 36th floor. AdresGezgini follows the latest technological trends in internet technologies with its experience and its R&D projects. By being constantly up-to date on its own workflow processes with using the latest technology, AdresGezgini offers consulting and project-based services on new internet technologies to thousands of businesses in its portfolio.


We continue to serve with a very large team at the new business center of the city, Folkart Towers in Bayraklı, since 2015. Folkart Towers, Europe's 5th, Turkey’s highest twin tower, is located right in the center of Izmir's major points. We are waiting our customers who would like to visit us in Izmir.

AdresGezini İzmir Folkart Towers Genel Merkez
AdresGezgini İstanbul Beybi Giz



Since 2016, we host our clients who want to visit us in Istanbul, at our new office located at the heart of the business life Maslak Beybi Giz Plaza, on the 26th floor.