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Geri Dön

Elif Bıçakçı Data Analysis Specialist

Elif Bıçakçı was born on December 21, 1997, in Izmir. After graduating from Özel Fen Bilimleri Lisesi (Private Science High School), she showed high achievement in the Econometrics department at Adnan Menderes University, ranking in the top percentile. However, believing in her capacity for further growth, she pursued her goal of studying Labor Economics and Industrial Relations at Dokuz Eylül University, where she excelled as a student and, at certain times, ranked in the top percentile. She was a member of the DEU Young Entrepreneurs community and participated in numerous seminars and conferences.

After completing her university education, she gained experience in financial operations at a private company for a while. With various training and certifications, such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics 101, she developed herself in areas she loved and was interested in, always remaining open to further improvement.

Elif, who enjoys traveling, exploring new places, learning foreign languages, and exercising, began working at AdresGezgini due to her interest in the digital world.