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With the Web-based Dealer software we developed in our R&D center, SMEs with more than one dealer can easily manage all business processes such as sales and service between them and their dealers. In order to expand the Sales and Service network and increase dealer performance, it is now very easy to monitor the activities of dealers via software, to generate reports based on region/product/dealer when necessary, to write automatic reports and e-mail rules. With the dealer management software, you can easily perform not only dealer processes, but also stock control, order tracking, and collection operations.


The focus of dealer automation software is to increase performance and increase your sales, as well as to support institutionalization by strengthening communication between dealers. In this direction, the integration of the dealer program with E-mail vs SMS suppliers is carried out. With the web-based software we have developed with new generation technologies, you can take action by accessing the dealer program interface from any browser or platform you want. Since the system is web-based, you have the advantage of 24/7 tracking. You can fill out the form to meet with our software development team and get a reseller program offer.

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