Social media platforms are used extensively for shopping and purchasing services. Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on influencing the purchasing behavior of the audience it addresses, by people who have the power to influence the masses and are chosen as experts and authorities by their followers.

Influencer literally means the person who influences. They are also commonly known as social media phenomena. It is divided into three as Mega Influencer, Macro Influencer and Micro Influencer. The most effective segment for Influencer Marketing is Macro Influencers.

With Influencer Marketing, marketing activities are carried out not for the whole market, but for people who may be interested in your service through influencers. Influencer community increases their awareness of the brand and company, Influencers can become advocates of the brand and company.

İnfluencer Marketing
İnfluencer Marketing 2


Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing that takes time and goes through processes such as planning, strategy determination and selecting suitable candidates from the Influencer pool. Your product/service, social media accounts, website and target audiences are analyzed in detail by our Data Analysis Experts. During the Influencer Marketing Project, we highlight the points that need improvement and prepare an action plan.

AdresGezgini understands your brand and service with its experience in the sector, creates the right Influencer pool suitable for you and your advertising budget, and brings you together with the most effective Influencer audience.

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