Founded by the electrical and electronic engineering academicians such as Bora Mocan, Şükrü Ozan, İlker Tanyer and Nejla Mocan within Izmir Institute of Technology in 2007; AdresGezgini Inc. is known to be one of the largest IT companies in Turkey with more than its 50 Google Ads Certificated Professionals in İzmir and Istanbul, together with its paid capital of 400.000 TL. Being the tax record holder in İzmir for the last 4 years within the IT category, AdresGezgini owes its success to providing high level of customer satisfaction with its R&D culture and engineering foundation.

AdresGezgini Tanıtım Filmi

AdresGezgini Inc.'s core business areas are digital marketing solutions and web based software development projects. The sector, in which our company is located, remains as one of the brightest sectors of the future that is taking the place of traditional promotional campaigns and business management solutions, with a steady growth of over 20% every year in Turkey. Our company is in a very valuable position with its certified professional staff, its accumulated knowledge and high level of customer satisfaction that is being offered. AdresGezgini follows the latest technological trends in internet technologies with its experience and its R&D projects. By being constantly up-to date on its own workflow processes with using the latest technology, AdresGezgini offers consulting and project-based services on new internet technologies to thousands of businesses in its portfolio.

İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü, Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi'nde kurulduk. 2007
Ekibimiz 8 kişiye, müşteri sayımız 2.000'e yükseldi. 444'lü numaramızı aldık. 2009
Ekibimiz 24 kişiye yükseldi, İzmir Urla'da vergi rekortmeni seçildik. 2011
Ekibimiz 35 kişiye, müşteri sayımız 10.000'e ulaştı. 2013
Platin Ajans Ödülü'nü kazandık. Müşteri sayımız 30.000'e ulaştı. 2014
Şehrin yeni iş merkezi Bayraklı'da, Folkart Towers'a taşındık. 2015
Google Premier Partner olduk. 2016
AR-GE Merkezimiz kuruldu. 2017
ISO 9001 ve ISO 27001 belgelerimizi aldık. 2018
Ekibimiz 60 kişiye ulaştı. 2019

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