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Geri Dön
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Merve Er Data Analysis Specialist

Merve Er was born in 1993 in Manisa. She completed her undergraduate education in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Dokuz Eylül University. Inspired by the Entrepreneurship courses she took during her university years with KOSGEB support, she established her first business. Expanding this venture, she eventually concluded her entrepreneurial journey with two more cafes. She completed her production internship at ISITSAN A.Ş.

Later, she took on the role of Purchasing Engineer in the automotive sector. During this period, she discovered the realms of digital marketing and advertising, deciding to enhance her skills in this field. She embarked on her career as a Data Analysis Specialist at AdresGezgini.

She enjoys exploring new places, cooking, and traveling. Considering pursuing her dreams as a life purpose, Merve's new destination is to witness the Northern Lights!