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Geri Dön
Sercan Çepni

Sercan Çepni Software Developing Specialist

Hello! I'm Sercan Çepni, an energetic and passionate computer engineer who has stepped into the world of software development. Born in 1989 in Eskişehir, I constantly improved myself by graduating from numerous universities and distinguished myself with my accomplishments. I graduated from Kocaeli University in Local Administrations, Anadolu University in Public Administration, Kastamonu University in Computer Programming, and Anadolu University in Management Information Systems. Additionally, I completed the Computer Engineering Master's program at Karabük University.

From a young age, I have been immersed in computers, and over time, this passion has turned into my lifestyle. My software journey began with PHP & MySQL and continued with an interest in languages such as Java, C#, Kotlin, Vue.js, MsSql, and SQLite. Also, my interest in network management and server topics led me to develop my skills in areas like Centos Server, Windows Server, cPanel, Plesk, and CyberPanel.

After completing my master's degree, I focused on artificial intelligence and NLP, conducting exciting studies in areas such as speech-to-text. Furthermore, I leveraged the power of Amazon Web Services in my projects, working with services like EC2, Auto Scaling, Lambda, Simple Queue Service, S3, CloudWatch, Amazon EventBridge, VPC, RDS, and Lightsail.

In addition to education and work, I am a huge fan of foreign TV series and science fiction movies. My curiosity for learning new things and continuously improving myself never ends.