Geri DönReaching New Customers with the Internet

Reaching New Customers with the Internet

In the event to be held in AdresGezgini Folkart Towers office, the company will be informed about the opportunities to reach new markets, grow your business and win new customers through internet. Here are some of the questions that you can find in the presentation.

  • Etkinlik detayıWhy should I advertise on the internet?
  • Etkinlik detayıWhat will be the direct benefit to me?
  • Etkinlik detayıHow do I measure the benefit?
  • Etkinlik detayıWhat could be my concern about cost?
  • Etkinlik detayıDo you guarantee success?
  • Etkinlik detayıWhy should I work with you?
  • Etkinlik detayıHow do I start?

An Activity Participation Certificate will be given to you after the event.

Kayıt Süresi DolduEVENT ENDED !


  • Etkinlik Tarihi13 NOVEMBER 2019
  • Etkinlik Saati15:00 - 16:30
  • Etkinlik ÜcretiFree
  • Etkinlik KontenjanıQuota Limited People
  • Etkinlik KonumuFolkart Towers: B Kule, Kat:36 Ofis: 3609 Manas Bulvarı Adalet Mahallesi No:39 Bayraklı - 35580 İzmir - Türkiye


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Reaching New Customers with the Internet