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Türk Girişimci AdresGezgini Almanya'ya Yazılım Satacak

Turkish Entrepreneur AdresGezgini Will Sell Software to Germany

AdresGezgini AR-GE Technical Team and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Bora Mocan gave an interview to the Dünya Newspaper. He explained the achievements of AdresGezgini, the AR-GE Center process and his 2017 targets. Dr. Bora Mocan said "In 2016, our earnings were about 16 million TL, we estimate that this year will exceed 20 million TL. The month we passed was registered as the AR-GE Center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. We want to offer high value added services. Our developed software and system are not similar in Turkey or Europe.In this context, Google made us a recommendation. They offered to sell or rent this softwares with our own license. They told us that Germany would be suitable for this job and they will support us. In this context, we intend to open an office in Germany. With Google's support, we will make these systems universal and present them to the world."

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