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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a software that enables companies to both monitor and manage their work flow and processes and to communicate with their customers in a controlled manner. Businesses using a web-based online CRM software are in a much more advantageous position compared to their competitors in sales closing, growth and measurement, and they quickly get ahead of the competition. CRM software can be specific to each sector, and even vary according to the fields of activity of each business, the number of employees and customers, and the workload. Therefore, thanks to its flexibility, it can be customized according to the structure and processes of the companies. CRM software provides a successful management of the work flow by giving a systematic structure to the internal operation within the company.

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As AdresGezgini Software Development team, we are developing a web-based software that you can manage your sales processes, marketing activities and all field operations by focusing on the sales and marketing goals of your business, regardless of the scale of your business. Thus, you will be able to communicate with your customers from anywhere you want and optimize your business processes. With the online CRM program, you can perform functions such as preparing proposals, making business follow-ups, taking notes on meetings, receiving payments, making calls, and reporting. In addition, E-mail, SMS or Call center integrations of the CRM program can be made. You can fill out the form to meet with our software team and immediately offer CRM software.

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