Known as Gmail Sponsored Search (GSP), Gmail ads are the new advertising solution that allows you to target Gmail users with custom ad formats.

Where do Gmail Ads appear?

GSP ads appear in the Gmail account of targeted users as the top colored message on the "Promotions" tab, and on the right-hand panel or top right corner of the e-mail reading page. Once clicked, it is displayed in the reading panel as a message.



Make more personal contact with your potential customers with Gmail ads. When users click on the striking email in the Gmail inbox, it expands to the size of the email and includes elements such as built-in form or video, leading to the advertiser's landing page.

What Are The Ad Formats?

What Are The Ad Formats?

GSP includes a short description right after you click on this description, you will view the promotional message through a 650 x 650 HTML image. There are three ad formats which can be used in GSP campaigns.

1) The Main Visual 2) Embedded video 3) Form Fields

What Are The Targeting Options?

What Are The Targeting Options?

Domain names | Keywords | Intersts | Product Categories | E-mail List

The Pricing

The Pricing

GSP ads are priced per visitor. Each customer is charged only once when they click the ad and view the message. No additional cost is charged after that. A users are targeted 10 times in 30 days until they open or delete the ad. 

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