Google Shopping Advertising


Here you can find some basic information about using shopping ads for the products that your e-commerce web site includes. You can contact us for any further questions, we would be glad to answer them. 

What is Google Shopping (Product Listing) Advertising?

Google Shopping Ads is a unique ad format that allows you to add images, prices, promotional messages and store names to your ad without having to create different ads for each product. This type of advertising is only available for online shopping web sites. 

Where do Google Shopping Ads appear?

This ad type appears in Shopping results in Google search results. 



E-ticaret sitenizde sattığınız ürünleri potansiyel müşterilerinizin karşısına doğrudan çıkartmanıza yardımcı olan ve ürünlerle ilgili ayrıntılı bilgi sunan Google Alışveriş Reklamı hakkında daha fazla bilgi almak için AdresGezgini'nin uzman ekibiyle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

What Are The Advantages Of Google Shopping Ads?

What Are The Advantages Of Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads which include product’s image price, appear on a prestigious section of the search results page. The conversion rate of these ads is six times more compared to other ads.

The Pricing

The Pricing

Google Shopping Ads is a type of Google Ads Advertising. That it is why, pay-per-click applies. Since it is a new type of advertising requires expertness, it provides higher return on investment less rivalry. 

How Do I Benefit From Google Shopping Ads?

How Do I Benefit From Google Shopping Ads?

There are some technical requirements in order to take advantage of this type of ads. You can contact us for further information. Our expert team will support you in necessary adjustments. 

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