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Law software is a software that enables lawyers to easily control the follow-up of files such as litigation, execution, consultancy and business follow-ups related to all processes. As the number of employees in law offices increases and there are various job descriptions, it becomes difficult to follow the work done in a systematic way. Thanks to the systematic structure of the legal software developed by AdresGezgini Yazılım team, you will be able to simplify the complex structure of your law firm and digitally follow up all the processes you perform with your clients and staff, all you have to do is reach us.


While legal software increases your business efficiency, you will save your time. With the development of technology, it is important that legal software can be used out of the office and on many platforms. In order for the system to work smoothly and easily, it must be able to be used without the need for an additional application. With the web-based legal software we developed as AdresGezgini Sofware Development team, we develop special software for your company that you can control your system not only from the computers in your office, but also from anywhere you can connect to the internet and from any device. The law program will also have e-mail, sms, call center integrations upon your request. You can fill out the form to meet with our software team and get a quote right away.

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