With the development of web technology, it has become easier to follow the mobile personnel of the companies, and there is no need for a device other than a mobile phone for personnel field monitoring. The operating purpose of the personnel and vehicle tracking systems is to control the entry and exit times of the employees and the route they follow, to ensure that the most appropriate route can be followed according to the nature of the work to be done and the locations to be visited.


AdresGezgini Software team prepares web-based field and vehicle tracking system software in line with your company's needs, ensuring that your field teams work efficiently. The web-based field software gives you the opportunity to take the necessary actions for field follow-up management wherever and whenever you want. In addition, the payment system integration of the field monitoring program can be made, so that the field team can perform the payment process in the places they visit. You can fill out the form to meet with our software team and immediately offer a field tracking system.

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