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Dizayn Grup

Dizayn Grup Success Story

Design Grup; was established in 1987 by Mechanical Engineer İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları in order to develop and implement projects in the heating, plumbing and water transport sectors. The company, which organizes training and promotional activities in order to popularize the use of plastic pipes, has become one of the leading names in the sector in a short time. Dizayn Grup currently exports to more than 80 countries, it has been awarded by the Turkish Patent Institute with the certificates it has received from international independent organizations such as WQC (England), DVGW (Germany), Hygiene Institute (Germany), CMA (China), GOST (Russia), IMA (Germany), ZIK (Croatia), GOST (Ukraine). Dizayn Grup, which develops products in the fields of heating, plumbing, wastewater, infrastructure and agricultural irrigation and exports these products to more than 80 countries, has been using Google Ads advertising with AdresGezgini since 2009.

Business Approach

Operating both nationally and globally, Dizayn Grup develops different strategies for advertising. The company, which aims to target mainly industry professionals globally, participates in specialized fairs held in various countries of the world. Dizayn Grup, which advertises and publishes news in sectoral magazines of foreign origin, also focuses on billboards and radio advertisements, and promotes it through various advertising channels. Aiming to raise awareness among the same professional buyer as well as the users of heating, plumbing and water transport throughout Turkey, the company benefits from desktop advertising channels. It participates in sectoral fair organizations held in the country, and also uses magazine, newspaper and TV advertisements to increase brand awareness.

Dizayn Grup, which keeps its corporate websites constantly up-to-date, went through a corporate renewal in 2009 and renewed its websites. Dizayn Grup aimed to strengthen the design and technical infrastructure of the websites in order to increase brand awareness and make corporate websites suitable for internet advertising. The company that exports to more than 80 countries; created a website serving in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic languages. In this study, the main goal was to increase the traffic of the site and to create a website suitable for the service provided in the institutional sense. Dizayn Grup, decided to use Google Ads sponsor link ads to measure brand awareness and visibility with renewed and strengthened websites, met AdresGezgini, which is a SEM agency, in October 2009. AdresGezgini, which prepares international advertising texts to be used in Dizayn Grup Google Ads advertisements; also set keywords for all pipe types.

With the advertising campaign aimed at internet users who are looking for pipe manufacturers and exporters, Dizayn Grup was able to easily observe the statistics of visitors to websites from various countries of the world, and how many clicks on which keywords can be obtained from the management panel presented to them. Dizayn Grup's Internet Marketing Officer Canan Tekdemirkoparan, states the benefits of AdresGezgini and Google Ads sponsor link ads as follows: "We, as Dizayn Grup, are a company that serves in the plastic pipe industry and exports to more than 80 countries. Especially companies that want to import such products have their own, they make price and quality comparisons by researching companies that produce outside their markets.

After meeting with AdresGezgini, which is a SEM agency, we started to run Google Ads ads, we organized campaigns for professional buyers. In this way, we were able to easily observe the increase in the number of visitors to our website from various countries. In addition, there was an increase in the number of companies that wanted to receive offers from us in this period, and this situation was also reflected in our sales."


Dizayn Grup, which works with Business to Business (B2B), ie e-commerce method from company to company and closely follows internet technologies, has observed an increase in the click-through rate of websites during Google Ads advertising activities. The company, which has been publishing Google Ads with AdresGezgini since October 2009 to increase brand awareness, has earned income from Google Ads sponsor link ads. According to Dizayn Grup Internet Marketing Officer, Canan Tekdemirkoparan, when the knowledge and brand recognition they gained through Google Ads ads combined with desktop advertising activities and the fairs they attended, their companies moved to a better level. In the long term, they plan to continue with AdresGezgini's Google Ads advertisements.

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