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Ritmiz Success Story

Drum Training Center Ritmiz expanded its customer portfolio with Google Ads.

Continuing his 10-year professional drum trainer career at Ritmiz, which he founded 2.5 years ago, Uğur Doğruyol aims to offer a different experience to music lovers from İzmir. In this sense, the biggest feature of Ritmiz in its field of activity is that it only provides drum training. With this feature, it focuses on a single subject and provides more detailed training to its customers. In Ritmiz, where students receive training for two hours a week, theoretical knowledge is taught in the first hour. In the second hour, an individual study is conducted with each student. In addition, unlike other educational institutions, Ritmiz offers its students the opportunity to take the exams of London College of Music in England and get a certificate.

Business Approach

Since Ritmiz is an institution operating in Izmir, they only wanted to attract the attention of people living in Izmir. To this end, it first promoted it through flyers and references. After hearing about Google Ads from his close circle, Uğur Doğruyol decided to use these ads to reach more people. Uğur Doğruyol, who decided that the job should be done by professionals in order to get the best feedback from these ads, met AdresGezgini, which is one of the leading agencies in the sector.

AdresGezgini did keyword work and location targeting for its ads after performing industry analysis of Ritmiz and examining its competitors. The return on investment was increased with the ads shown to users who only searched for drum training related topics. At the end of this work, which was done to get the maximum benefit from the limited budget, there was a great increase in the clicks of Ritmiz.


After Ritmiz started working with AdresGezgini, they got a high rate of return from their ads. The founder of Ritmiz, Uğur Doğruyol, explains the benefits of Ads as follows: “Thanks to Google Ads, there has been a great increase in the number of students. I think I will continue to work with AdresGezgini for the future, because I have seen a lot of benefits.”

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