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Jumeriah Travel Success Story

Having started Dubai Sales in Turkey since 1999 and paving the way for this region to become widespread in Turkish Tourism, the company became institutionalized under the name of Jumeirah Travel in 2006 with the license number 5424 under the Ministry of Tourism, after operating in Dubai between 2001-2003. Operating in different destinations abroad in the course of time, the company has expanded its targets by developing their customer portfolio more institutionally by being open to innovations. Among the best examples of this is the fact that they gave importance to dealer trips. Apart from Dubai and Egypt operations, they continued their success with operations in Far East, Russia, Ukraine, various cities in Europe and Cyprus. During this time, they started researches on internet advertising in order to keep up with the developing technology and to reach more audiences, and they wanted to develop theirself in this direction and open up to new horizons.

Business Approach

Jumeirah Travel has been active in Turkey since 2005, but has been serving in the Middle East for about 17 years. The company, which has been working as an agency in Turkey for 7 years, works for destinations in the Middle East, mainly Dubai, Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Mecca, Medina. The company, which previously gave newspaper advertisements throughout Turkey, entered into research for internet advertising in order to benefit from the development of the internet. While its owner, Nuran Kütük, explained that these researches ended after their paths crossed with AdresGezgini; She said that they saw AdresGezgini as the easiest and fastest company to work with for Google Ads and started working with them.

AdresGezgini, who also undertook the corporate web design of the company, prepared the site in line with their needs by meeting with the company officials. All details about Dubai tours, extra tours, international tours and incentive tours of companies were presented to the guests who entered the site. Developing brand awareness and visibility thanks to the website created, Jumeirah Travel benefited both by increasing their returns and by standing out from other companies in their own markets.

The company, which started using Google Ads sponsor link ads through AdresGezgini, was able to easily observe how many clicks the generated keywords could receive from the administration panel offered to them. When we asked her to compare the advertising channels they used before with internet advertising, the owner of the company, Nuran Kütük, explains: "First of all, it has been very beneficial in terms of cost. When we compare it with the advertising cost rates 3-4 years ago, we made a profit of 70% as a result of the Google Ads we gave with AdresGezgini. After getting acquainted with internet advertisements, we provided feedback at intervals of 5 minutes to 15 minutes throughout the day. AdresGezgini prepared a more professional work on our behalf by placing the advertisement texts we gave to the links. Thus, we were able to rank first in search engines in a short time."


Jumeirah Travel, which closely follows the developments in internet technology and tries to keep up, has been using Google Ads uninterruptedly since 2005. The company, whose awareness increased as a result of clicks, also increased the number of potential customers. In addition, the website, which was prepared for the guests to access information easily, came to the fore with internet advertisements.

Nuran Kütük, the owner of Jumeirah Travel, who has increased their reach to the target audience in Turkey and in many countries around the world, said that they are very pleased to work with AdresGezgini and it is very beneficial for them to receive professional follow-up service. In addition, Nuran Kütük stated that they will continue to work with AdresGezgini and benefit from Google Ads services.

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