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Eczane Dekorasyon Success Story

Eczane Dekorasyon is a company that has been operating in the field of pharmacy decoration for 15 years and provides service in the kitchen with its well-prepared pharmacists.

Eczane Dekorasyon, which has the feature of being an innovative company by closely following the developments in the field of decoration, offers smooth and fast solutions to its consumers by combining its long years of work experience with its expert staff. In addition, the company has reached the desired level throughout Turkey in the fields of projecting, design, application, manufacturing and assembly. Aiming to reach internet users, Eczane Dekorasyon has started to search for internet advertising agencies that can serve this purpose.

Business Approach

Until 2010, Eczane Dekorasyon continued its promotional activities mainly by taking part in sectoral fairs organized in the field of Pharmacy and medicine. In addition, the company has been featured in many sectoral magazines and newspapers.

Eczane Dekorasyon also gives place to promotions on the internet. The company continues its promotions on the internet through the company's website. There are constantly updated announcements and customer opinions on the website of Eczane Dekorasyon, which also includes corporate information, pharmacy decoration designs and projects. In addition, the opportunities for the pharmacy sector are announced in the opportunity corner on the website.

In 2010, Eczane Dekorasyon realized that most of its customers reached the company via the internet and decided to focus on its promotional activities on the internet. In the same year, they met AdresGezgini and preferred Google Ads advertising. AdresGezgini has greatly increased the accessibility of Eczane Dekorasyon over the internet by using many pharmacy-related keywords in Google Ads. Thus, Pharmacy Decoration has had the opportunity to develop its customer portfolio by reaching more customers in the sectoral area and has become a more well-known company in the pharmaceutical industry.


Erol Duru, the manager of Pharmacy Decoration, stated that their customers reach their companies mainly via the internet. He stated that they realized that it was the right decision to choose AdresGezgini with the increase in the number of customers since they started working with AdresGezgini. He also stated that they had the opportunity to reach more people from the Pharmacy sector and to reach the right target audience with Google Ads, they were at the right address.

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