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Travelogy Success Story

Travelogy was founded in 2008 by Yaşar Saral, who has been serving for the tourism industry for many years and has been a consultant to many companies. As a boutique tourism agency for four years, Travelogy, which has been providing solutions to its customers in tour areas such as blue cruise and Bosphorus boat tours in domestic and international travels, specializes in the area known as Honeymoon Tours especially for couples on the route of Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles.

Since its establishment, they have used newspaper advertisements, sectoral and magazine advertisements to expand their customer portfolio. The company, which turned to internet ads due to the high cost of desktop ads, crossed with AdresGezgini in 2009 and started to use Google ads.

Business Approach

Travelogy has been actively organizing honeymoon tours since 2008. AdresGezgini met with Yaşar Saral and chose the keywords in accordance with the services provided by the company, and advertising campaigns were created in Turkey and abroad. In addition to the search network campaigns prepared in both English and Turkish, image ads in many different sizes were also prepared and content network ads were created to be displayed on the relevant websites. In this way, Travelogy, which improved its brand awareness and visibility, increased their returns and stood at the forefront of Google by differentiating from its competitors.

The company, which started using Google Ads sponsor link ads through AdresGezgini, could easily observe how many clicks it could get from the keywords created specifically for each ad group, and its costs, from the administration panel provided.

When Yaşar Saral compares newspaper and magazine advertising channels with internet advertising, he states that there is a huge difference in cost and that he gets a much higher return from internet ads. Saral: “We had goals such as increasing the recognition of internet advertisements and increasing our customer portfolio. In this direction, since we started to give internet advertisements with AdresGezgini, there has been a response of up to 90%. In addition, we got a quick response to every problem we experienced. When we evaluate it in terms of customer satisfaction, the service offered is really good. Thanks to the management panel, where we can easily follow the statistical data, we can also manage our ads ourselves."


Travelogy, which has been closely following the developments in internet advertising since their establishment, have been using Google Ads uninterruptedly since 2009. Thanks to Google ads, the company's brand awareness has increased, and the number of potential customers has also increased.

Thanks to this, Travelogy's owner Yaşar Saral, who has increased their accessibility to couples who want to have a holiday in Turkey, especially on the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles route, stated that they are very pleased to work with AdresGezgini and that it is very beneficial for them to receive professional follow-up service.

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