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Reta Depo Raf

Reta Depo Raf Success Story

Reta Mühendislik was founded in 1979 by Mechanical Engineer A. Refik Yükselir in İzmir, and is a company operating in the field of shelf systems. Reta Engineering, which determines providing the optimum and most economical solution to its customers' needs as its service concept, continued to operate in its 14 decare factory in Izmir Kemalpaşa in 2008. Reta, serving with their expert staff in the field of iron and steel industry shelf systems, exports to many countries such as Italy, Greece, France, Germany, England, Israel and Cyprus, especially the USA. They met Google Ads in 2005 and has been working with AdresGezgini and Google Ads since 2007.

Business Approach

Reta Mühendislik, which could not get the desired efficiency from the advertisements they gave to sectoral magazines, newspapers and guides, discovered Google Ads in 2005. In 2007, they started working with AdresGezgini. Selin Yükselir, from Reta Mühendislik Foreign Trade Department, explains this process as follows: "We worked with different companies for Ads during our novice period, but we did not receive a response from our ad impressions. Even though we know that Google Ads reaches many internet users with an affordable budget, it is more costly than the ads we place in newspapers and magazines. Therefore, we met AdresGezgini, which we learned by researching that it is an expert in this field, and we know that it is a Google Ads Qualified Company. After this meeting, we started to get full efficiency from Google Ads."

Reta Engineering, which offers solutions to various sectors with shelf systems, and carries out its projects with leading companies in the electronics, chain of stores, cigarette, chemical, paint, automotive and logistics sectors, especially in the food sector, says that both small industrialists and large companies use the Google search engine and that their purposes are distinguished. stated that it is possible to reach all of them regardless of Therefore, they achieved these goals with Google Ads.

In order for Reta Mühendislik, which met AdresGezgini in 2007, to get better efficiency from Ads, its corporate web pages were redesigned and search engine optimization was carried out in accordance with Google Ads criteria. Selin Yükselir, who said that the keywords they determined together with AdresGezgini, in accordance with their advertising efforts, not only made it easier for the target audience to find the company, but also provided a budget-friendly use with a cost per click emphasizes that they have determined that they need to follow a strategy and they can see the search trends, and the fact that they can make changes in their accounts accordingly saves them from unnecessary costs.


Reta Mühendislik, which started to work with AdresGezgini, and saw the benefits of Google Ads ads closely in a short time, stated that the number of customers in Turkey increased by 78% thanks to Google Ads. Selin Yükselir, who states that they will continue to advertise AdresGezgini and Google Ads as long as their companies continue in the field of production, export and import, recommends Google Ads to large and small businesses.

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